HumanPub Human and Sciences Publication by AAHSRC (American & Asian Human and Sciences Research Center) (Since 2008)

Call for New Journals

Contact person: Dr. Tracey Na: [email protected]
(If you want to start new journal with HumanPub as an Editor-in-Chief, please submit your proposal to this email.)

Before submitting your proposal, please read all information carefully below.

Duties of and Editor-in-Chief (EiC):

  1. EiC must be able to publish 4 issues in a year. (Quarterly publication)
  2. Each issue should include more than 4 papers. (Minimal number of papers for each issue)
  3. EiC must be able to publish the first issue within 4 months when the proposal is approved.
  4. EiC must be able to Organize own editors in the scope and topics of the journal.
  5. Promotion of the journal in his/her colleagues.
  6. Promotion of journal in his/her area of influence.
  7. Gather or Recommend high quality papers.
  8. Before submitting a proposal, EiC should review other HumanPub journals (including copyright notice, charge information and etc..)

The proposal has to include:

– Title of journal (Short name and full name):
– Description:
– Topics and Scope:
– Mission, Aims and Focuses:
– Call for Papers:
– Due date for the first issue(expected date for the first issue):
– Initial Editors: more than 10 editors (can classify into Honorary Editor(s)-in-Chief, Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief, Managing Editor-in-Chief, Editors) including Degree, name, affiliation, country, position, email address, phone number.
Ex) Dr. Tracey Na (HumanPub, Korea), Associate Professor, [email protected], +82-1-123-1234
– Your bio.: Including photo, name, exact affiliation, current position, country, age, research interests, contact email, phone number, address, homepage, educational backgrounds, research experiences, international activities, domestic activities, publications and others to show your ability as an expert in your research area. (free format)
– Promotion and Managing Plan as an Editor-in-Chief:

Eligibility for becoming an Editor-in-Chief(EiC): Main criteria to review a proposal: Reputation, Age, International relationships and activities, Backgrounds (Education, Research)

  1. EiC is not a perfunctory position to list in his/her career but a core position of the journal.
  2. EiC must be able to publish the first issue within 4 months when the proposal is approved.
  3. EiC is a not a position as a general reviewer or an editor, EiC have some important abilities:

– should have good reputation in his/her research interests.- age is also important to be an EiC of topic.- have some good international/domestic relationships and/or good international/domestic activities as the journal is an international journal.- can be able to call, gather, recommend to submit papers to his/her colleagues and/or students and/or researchers.- can be able to review the submitted papers by EiC and/or his/her editorial board.

Publication Charge for New Journal (mendotary, Online Publication):

– General Paper(up to 12 pages): 150 USD (Online Publication)
– Editor’s/invited paper(up to 12 pages): 100 USD (Online Publication)